Malware Removal: Sit back and watch as your system is tested, cleaned, upgraded and restored to a fully operational status.

Secure: We use secure remote access software to access your computer via the Internet.

Maintenance: We also provide regular monitoring and maintenance if desired.

Upgrades: Adding hardware or software that has you confused? We can assist you with that also.

Foreign Accents?: Only used upon request and only in English.

Computer Sales: We custom build computers to meet your needs. If an off the shelf Dell, HP, or other system is able to fulfill your needs we highly recommend them. We are here to help individuals exceed the "minimum system requirements" yet we do
not design state-of-the-art gaming systems. Our focus is dependability and quality

On Site Repair: This is only performed at our facility when Internet access is unavailable. We do offer local pickup and delivery if needed.
Here are some links that give greater detail as to what types of malware we can remove and how each is classified as well as what they are capable of doing.
• What is Malware?

• Rogue Security Software List

• Scareware. "but it said I had..."

• What is Browser Hijacking?

• NGRBot Spreads Via Chat

• What Is the Difference: Viruses, Worms, Trojans, and Bots?
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