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Here are the first steps toward doing your own malware check and removal.

1. Change your email password(s) at the suspected accounts as a minimum.

2. Scan local computer for malware using malwarebytes. Malwarebytes can be obtained free from www.malwarebytes.org. If you have any antivirus or security software installed then I suggest unchecking the box for the free full trial during the installation. Just follow the prompts and it will perform an update and quick scan during installation.
NOTE: If installation or the update fails, this is an indication that it is extremely likely your computer is infected.

3. Ensure windows critical security updates are installed. Ensure antivirus or security software is up-to-date with the latest definitions.

4. Consider impact. You may wish to change passwords on other sites as well.

5. Run a full scan using malwarebytes especially if any malware was detected by the quick scan.
Below are some good links to further your knowledge of what can happen and how to protect yourself.
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